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In-depth information on fire safety, fire and exit simulations, performance-based fire safety design and fire engineering in general. 

Fire safety in wood construction

Wood construction is on the rise and will play a key role in supporting the restructuring of the Finnish forest industry and ensuring its international competitiveness. Large-scale industrial wood construction will therefore increase significantly in the coming years. But what about the fire safety of a wooden house?

Fire simulation is one of the most important methods of performance-based fire safety design. Fire simulation is used to analyze factors such as the spread of fire and smoke, the thermal stress on structures, and the conditions of the burning space, such as visibility, the temperature, and the intensity of thermal radiation. When exit simulation is combined with fire simulation, also the evacuation safety is ensured.

Performance-based fire safety design takes into account the fire situations likely to occur during the life cycle of the building and the resulting fire loads with their actual locations. Functional fire safety design guarantees a level of fire safety that meets, or is better than, the requirements.