Kaarela Ice Rink, Helsinki

Kaarela Ice Rink, which opened in Maununneva Helsinki in September 2019, brought more needed extra space for ice sports enthusiasts. We demonstrated the fire resistance of the load-bearing steel structures on the roof of the ice rink by performance-based fire safety design. 

The work was commissioned by Helsingin Liikuntahallit Oy and our partners in the project were THR Projektipalvelut as construction consultant, and architectural office Arkkitehdit-Niiranen Oy. Our challenge in the project was to demonstrate the fire resistance of the steel structures in the hall. We demonstrated the fire resistance of the structures bearing the roof of the ice rink with performance-based fire safety design. Roof trusses were carried out without intumescent paint. The building was completed in 2018.

Our service in the project

  • fire safety engineering
  • performance-based fire safety design
  • fire simulation
  • plans for smoke clearance
  • consulting during implementation
  • authority negotiations
  • consulting for other designers

Kaarelan jäähalli on the map

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