Leppävaaran uimahalli, Espoo

Leppävaara indoor swimming pool is located in Leppävaara, Espoo. The building, designed by Professor Osmo Lappo, was completed in 1969. The expansion of the hall began in 2013 and was completed in January 2016. We designed the fire protection solutions for the partitioned glass walls and facades, taking into account the original architecture and the spirit of the 60s. 

We participated in the repair and expansion of the Leppävaara indoor swimming pool in 2012-2015. The indoor swimming pool was renovated and expanded almost threefold in area. With the expansion, the indoor swimming pool included a café, a summer swimming pool, a masseuse and a gym.

In connection with the project, which began in 2010, an area of an in-ground swimming pool was built next to the indoor swimming pool, which, in addition to a full 10-lane racing pool, includes a water slide, two beach volleyball courts, a street basketball court and a children’s play area.

The renovation of the old part wanted to preserve as much as possible the original architecture and the spirit of the time in the swimming pool space designed by Professor Osmo Lappo. Therefore, the wooden facades of the extension were harmonized in tone with the old part and the design sought to remain faithful to the style drawn by Lappo in the 60s.

The client of the work was the Espoo City Space Center, our partner in the project was Pöyry Finland Oy. We were commissioned to determine the fire resistance of partitioned glass walls, wood facades, and facade glass. We looked at pieces of partitioned glass walls and wood facades and their effects, and found workable solutions through it.

The repair and extension of the Leppävaara indoor swimming pool was completed in January 2016.

Our services in the project

  • fire safety engineering
  • fire simulation
  • plans for smoke clearance
  • consulting during implementation
  • authority negotiations
  • consulting for other designers

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