Our company

KK-PALOKONSULTTI OY is a Finnish fire safety company founded in 2006. In two decades, CEO Kalervo Korpela's one-man practice has grown into a significant and respected fire safety planning agency. Today KK-Palokonsultti Oy is Finland's leading fire safety expert house. 

Experts who build a safer environment

Our engineers are highly skilled and well-trained. We have extensive references on demanding design, research and development, and participation in the development of industry regulations, guidelines, standards and EU Commission’s fire regulations. We implement best practices and the latest information immediately to our design work. It guarantees safe and cost-effective solutions. The work of our experts means a safer environment in hundreds of completed projects across the country.

Increased security with less money

Fire engineering is often understood only as a regrettable but necessary additional cost, a mandatory sub-project for the authority who gives its approval to the progress of the project. We think the time has come to change the old-fashioned perceptions of fire engineering design and the implementation of fire safety.

We know that good fire engineering design can save a lot of money while ensuring a smooth and safe implementation of the construction work. The earlier our fire engineer gets involved in the project, the better the end result.

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Why KK-Palokonsultti Oy

In the construction and real estate industry, we are known as a reliable partner. We bring the latest know-how and decades of experience for the project. We do our work with a big heart and a burning passion. The final result is a safer environment in our everyday life.

Routine design often produces expensive solutions. That’s why our way of planning proactively and implementing things at the same time in an innovative, cost-conscious and safe way has attracted a lot of interest. The secret of our success is based on four things:

The best know-how in the industry

Our engineers are well-trained and many of us have a lot of experience working in the field and in research projects. Many of our designers have “exceptionally difficult grade” qualification in FISE’s Designer of fire safety certification. We know what we are talking about and how to plan innovatively.

Smooth cooperation with all parties

We know the players in the field in Finland. A good dialogue with clients, implementers and authorities ensures that the project is strictly following the plan and progressing on schedule.

Competitive price level

The best design work is always worth the price. We produce plans that bring measurable cost savings during the implementation phase. Quickly and for a competitive price.

Quality guaranteed

The ISO 9001 quality management system and the ISO 14001 environmental management system are our guarantees for professional and responsible work. High-quality design saves costs and the environment. We are committed to the development of our operational system by following the principles of continuous improvement.

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