Our services

Our services are divided into six complementary areas: traditional fire safety design and fire inspections, the highest level fire and evacuation simulations, comprehensive expert services, training, high-quality research and development services, and fire cause investigation. 

In addition to conventional construction projects, we specialize in fire safety planning for demanding special sites. These include underground construction sites such as metros and road tunnels, wood construction, high-rise construction sites, cruising ships and nuclear power plants.

The design and construction of special sites requires an in-depth understanding about fire behavior and the ability to apply expert knowledge and experience to the specific features of a site. Our fire safety engineers are also able to take into account numerous additional site-specific requirements. These include, among other things, international standards for ships and strict safety requirements for nuclear power plants.

Our service palette

Planning and simulation

We prepare fire engineering and smoke clearance plans to be attached to building permits. Performance-based fire safety design is our core competency. We perform fire simulations, smoke clearance simulations, exit simulations and impact assessment with the best tools in the industry. Our area of expertise also includes fire block planning, fire protection planning, rescue route plans, rescue and initial firefighting equipment plans, and constructions sites’ fire safety plans. Read more

Inspection services

Our inspection services include expert supervision during construction, fire safety inspections of properties, fire department inspections and fire block inspections both during the construction phase and on old properties. Expert consultation and supervision during construction can avoid errors and additional costs related to the implementation of fire engineering plans. It also ensures that a building is completed on schedule. Read more

Expert services and statements

Our expert services include fire engineering consulting, fire load calculations, explosion hazard assessment, risk analysis, fire safety audits and procurement consulting. We provide expert opinions such as fire safety advice and third-party advice required by the authorities, quickly and at an affordable price. Read more

Trainings and lectures

As experts, we participate in various training events and seminars. Our training and lecture topics include fire safety in wood construction, performance-based fire safety design, structural fire safety, practical fire safety solutions and fire work card training. We also produce training and learning material, manuals and instructions related to fire safety. Read more

Research and development

We offer solid research and development expertise in the field of fire technology. We bring fire engineering know-how to the product development of the construction product industry, both in terms of knowledge of materials and fire behavior and in the design of combustion tests. We monitor standardization work in the field and actively contribute to the development of fire regulations by participating in, among other things, surveys based on regulations. Read more

Fire cause investigation

We prepare fire cause studies for demanding sites with fire simulations and statements. We also find out the regulatory basis and practical implementation of the structural fire safety of the damage site. We have successfully investigated difficult fire cases both in Finland and abroad. Read more