Evaluations of potential cost savings

Our specialty is performance-based fire safety design, which can be used to achieve significant cost savings in all kinds of construction projects without compromising fire safety – including sites designed traditionally by dimensioning tables of fire safety regulations. Saving on building materials also reduces the carbon footprint of the building. 

Cost savings are created with performance-based fire safety design through the lighter structural solutions and therefore reduction of construction and material costs can be achieved. Performance-based fire safety design take into account the building and its fire-technical equipments as a whole and on a case-by-case basis. There are a lot of possibilities and application targets. A few examples:

  • large fire compartment sizes
  • multi-storey fire compartments
  • implementation of partitioning glass structures without fire classification requirements
  • implementation of load-bearing steel structures without fire classification requirements
  • increasing the amount of concurrent people and storeys in fire class P2 building
  • replacing the firewall with a fire-separation structure.

Investing in performance-based fire safety design during the design phase of the project pays for a fraction of the achievable cost savings during actual construction. Performance-based fire safety design also often includes a risk analysis, which can be used to show that the building’s fire safety level is at least the same as what would be achieved by the traditional design with dimensioning tables of fire safety regulations.

Contact us, and we will evaluate your project’s fire safety solutions and the potential for cost savings!

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