Expert services and statements

The starting point of our consultation is to address various fire engineering challenges in relation to construction or property maintenance. We also prepare statements and handle the approval of site-specific fire safety solutions required by the authorities. 

Third party statements

We prepare third-party impartial statements on fire engineering plans for sites that deviate from the traditional design based on the tables of the fire safety regulations. We also provide a third party opinion on individual plans and studies related to fire technology or calculation, or solutions deviating from the CE marking or type approval. We deliver statements at an affordable price and, if necessary, on a fast schedule. Several of our qualified experts are also available to inspect fire engineering plans for exceptionally demanding special sites.

Construction site specific approvals

We prepare fire safety statements required by the authorities for, among other things, individual fire doors and windows or other structures or building materials. We also manage the approval of site-specific fire safety solutions (structures, materials or construction products) required by the authorities and assist in the design of the solutions and in the supervision of their implementation.

Fire load calculations

Fire load affects the design of load-bearing structures, the selection of building materials, the planning of fire blocks and compartmentation, and the future use of the space. An exact fire load calculation may bring significant savings and allow structural solutions that may not otherwise be possible in the building’s fire load group according to the tables of fire safety regulations. We carry out site-specific fire load calculations quickly and at an affordable price. In fire class P0 (performance-based fire safety design), the fire load is always determined on a site-by-site basis.

Risk analyzes and fire safety audits

We prepare fire risk analyzes, which are used to compare the safety level of the planned site with the safety level according to the tables of fire safety regulations. The risk analysis verifies the level of fire safety in the building and helps to identify possible shortcomings in fire safety, so that things can be remedied and it is ensured that the fire safety of the building is at the level required by the regulation. The assessment and audit of fire safety risks also provide a good basis for drawing up the company’s fire safety strategy. A good fire safety strategy will help a company prevent fires, minimize damage from a potential fire, and ensure business continuity after a fire is extinguished.

Automatic fire extinguishing systems

When changes are planned to the building’s purpose of use or premises, we find out the adequacy of the existing extinguishing system and define the need for changes.

Explosion Hazard Assessment

We carry out explosion hazard assessments, prepare explosion protection documents with space classifications and assist in the implementation of measures, both in new and old properties. An explosion protection design and explosion protection document must be drawn up for workplaces handling flammable liquids, gases or dusts to such an extent that the handling of substances involves the formation of a dangerous explosive atmosphere under normal operating conditions and in foreseeable malfunctions and failures. ATEX Directives apply to all employers whose workers may be exposed to an explosion hazard.