Fire safety planning

KK-Palokonsultti Oy offers comprehensive fire safety planning, both traditional fire safety design based on the tables of fire safety regulations and performance-based fire safety design. Our experienced designers take into account the special features of each project in an innovative way, cost-effectively and in accordance with the customer’s needs. 

Fire engineering plan

Fire safety solutions for a building or part of it are compiled in the fire safety plan to be attached to the building permit. A fire safety plan is often a condition for granting a building permit and it proves that the building meets the essential technical requirements in terms of fire safety. A good fire safety plan serves as a source of information for other parties in a construction project, including other designers, authorities, and future users of the building. The fire engineering plan forms the basis for the maintenance of fire safety on the property well into the future.

The fire engineering plan is drawn up based on the requirements of the Ministry of the Environment’s Decree 848/2017 on fire safety of buildings. The Decree allows design according to preset fire classes and numerical values (traditional “use of dimensioning tables”) or based on assumed fire development (performance-based fire safety design). Decree 848/2017 entered into force on January 1st 2018, and supplementing Decree 927/2020 on January 1st 2021.

On large construction sites, the fire engineering plan is usually updated during the implementation planning phase as construction progresses. In all sites, however, the fire engineering plan should be updated to comply with the actual data at the latest in the final phase of construction, before the building is commissioned. In connection with updates it may be necessary to make additional clarifications and statements if there is a deviations from the plans of the building permit phase during construction.

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Expert statements and inspections

We prepare expert statements as appendices to the fire engineering plan or as a separate assignment. Expert statement present an expert assessment or report on the fire safety-related aspects of the site. The statement can concern, for example, the use of combustible thermal insulation in fire class P1 buildings, the fire behavior of wooden surfaces or exit safety.

We also carry out expert and external inspections in accordance with Section 150 of the Land Use and Building Act (132/1999) and statements based on them.

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Smoke extraction plan

A smoke extraction plan is a summary of the smoke management arrangements of a building or part of a building. A smoke extraction plan with operating instructions for the rescue service is usually prepared for a site, when smoke management requires separate arrangements or the fire brigade needs guidance on how to carry out smoke clearance. This is the case in practically all areas where smoke extraction is carried out in a way other than by manually opening windows. We also carry out smoke extraction planning for old buildings and, if necessary, prepare separate smoke extraction operating instructions on the basis of completed plans and implementations.

Fire stop plans

The penetrations of building service systems and other similar passages like pipes and cable trays passing through the structures of a building must not significantly impair the compartmentation of the structures. The design of the fire-technical sealing of penetrations, i.e. fire stops, is usually done during the construction phase of the building. We do the fire stop planning ourselves or use our network of subcontractors specialized in fire stop planning. We know fire stop products and systems well, also in terms of costs. We also design site-specific fire stop solutions for repair sites.

Fireproofing design and planning

We design fire protection for load-bearing structures, fire protection for various building technology systems and fire protection for various building materials on a technical and economical basis. Our extensive expertise in tested and applied solution options and their cost implications results in the best possible fire protection. We also offer our expertise in site-specific procurement consulting.

Emergency access road plans

A rescue road is a driveway or other connection along which emergency vehicles can get close enough to a building and fire water intakes in the event of a fire or other emergency. We prepare rescue plans based on regulations and local authority requirements. An emergency plan is often made as part of a fire safety plan, but it is also possible to implement it as a separate assignment.

Emergency plans

We implement rescue plans electronically and with an easy-to-maintain implementation model from residential buildings to large-scale industrial facilities. We also help prepare rescue plans for public events.

First extinguishing equipment

We carry out the investment planning of the initial fire-fighting equipment, the implementation guidance and, if necessary, the supervision of the installation work. Properly selected fire-fighting equipment reduces the damage, shortens the outages in the company’s operations and the use of the premises, and reduces the damage to the fire-fighting equipment. Once the number and quality of the initial fire extinguishers have been calculated, taking into account the spaces to be protected and the objects to be extinguished, extinguishing takes place safely and efficiently.