Trainings and lectures

We monitor the impact of legislative changes and new innovations on solutions that promote fire safety around the world. We maintain our expertise through continuous internal and external training. We are actively in contact with domestic and foreign fire safety experts. We share our high-level expertise by lecturing and training fire safety professionals and students in the field.   

We strive to provide information on changes in fire regulations and their practical impact on the field of fire safety by cooperating with research institutes and universities in the field. We actively participate in expert groups of domestic legislation and guidelines, participate as experts in various training events and seminars, and disseminate fire safety know-how to companies, associations and anyone else interested.

Trainings and seminars

We organize trainings and lectures for professionals in the field such as architects, the construction products industry, authorities and students in the field. Our lecture topics have been, for example:

  • fire safety in wood construction
  • performance-based fire safety design
  • exit security
  • structural fire safety
  • practical fire safety solutions and maintenance in property fire safety
  • application and interpretation of rules and regulations
  • Firework Card and Occupational Safety Card trainings
  • fire safety standardization
  • insulation industry training

We have organized trainings in companies, seminars and in educational institutions. Our trainers have been a familiar sight, inter alia, in the lecture halls of Aalto University. Our experts have lectured on fire safety both at home and abroad.

If training is relevant to your company, please contact us and request an offer. If necessary, we tailor the training package to suit the needs of your company. Requests can be sent by e-mail to

Learning materials and guides

We produce training and learning material, manuals and instructions related to fire safety for educational institutions and companies. The material is also often excellent as background information for the authorities. We also produce written material targeted at international market in cooperation with foreign experts.

Fire technology of a wooden apartment building

An expert study of the fire engineering of a wooden apartment building was carried out by Karelia University of Applied Sciences in collaboration with KK-Palokonsultti Oy. The aim of the publication is to help the reader understand the technical properties of wooden structures as well as the regulations affecting fire protection, and thus avoid typical design and construction errors. The publication has been produced as part of the projects Puurakentamisen osaamisen siirto (“transfer of the know-how of timber construction”) and Teollisen rakentamisen ratkaisut (“solutions of industrial construction”).

(Mikkola E., Holopainen S., (2017). Fire technology of a wooden apartment building. Karelia University of Applied Sciences Publications C, Reports: 46, Karelia University of Applied Sciences. URN: ISBN: 978-952-275-246-8 )

Check it out In the book Fire Technology of a Wooden Apartment Building ( 4.65 Mt)

Fireproof wooden house

Puuinfo published the Fireproof Wooden House guideline in March 2018. It was based on the new fire safety regulations that came into force at the turn of the year 2018. The guide was written by civil engineer Tero Lahtela from Insinööritoimisto Lahtela Oy. Its preparation was guided by Esko Mikkola from KK-Palokonsultti Oy and a steering group made up of representatives of the wood product industry. The guide was funded by the Finnish Forest Foundation.

The guide provides practical advice and guidance on the design of a fire-safe wooden building and illustrates the regulations related to the use of wood in the regulation on fire safety in buildings. The guide deals mainly with wooden residential and commercial buildings.

For more information check Puuinfo website. From the same page you can download the guide for yourself.