Fire safety planning for construction professionals

KK-Palokonsultti Oy is Finland's leading fire safety design agency. We offer the best possible expertise at the competitive price in both performance-based fire safety design and traditional fire safety design based on tables. Our long-term experience covers construction sites from residential buildings to industrial plants and demanding special projects. 

The fire safety industry is constantly evolving and regulations and instructions related to fire safety are also changing. We know how to interpret fire safety regulations expertly, because we actively influence the development of fire safety legislation, e.g. issuing opinions and carrying out preliminary studies. We are actively involved in industry organizations and working groups in developing fire safety design guidelines, practices and standards. We carry out research and development assignments for the construction products industry and other players in the sector.

As a reputable and qualified fire safety design office, we increase confidence that the fire safety issues of a construction project are in order. Our good relations with the authorities ensure that the architect, the builder and the contractor do not have to negotiate and resolve every challenge that comes with fire safety with the authorities themselves.

We have honed our design process over the years to be flexible and smooth. We follow the ISO 9001 quality system and ISO 14001 environmental management system . Therefore, we invest in the quality of design work and take into account the impact of our operations and work on the environment. We always dedicate ourselves to our work innovatively and with regard to the needs of the customer. We have a special know-how about fire safety design for demanding projects. Regardless of the size of the design project, it is important to involve the fire safety designer in the design team at the beginning of the project.

Our services for construction professionals


A qualified fire safety designer makes the project run smoothly as the responsibilities of the architect will be eased and more time will be left for creative design. A fire safety designer will also facilitate and speed up decision-making on alternative design solutions. Read more

Wood builders

An expert fire safety designer knows the details of the regulations for wood construction and the principles for their interpretation, and is also able to suggest the use of performance-based fire safety design in the situations when significant cost savings can be achieved. Read more

Construction contractors

It is important that contractors have sufficiently detailed and comprehensive fire safety plans available during the construction phase. A fire safety designer is also a significant aid in the interpretation of regulations and instructions, and various other issues and ambiguities that arise during construction. Read more


When mapping out the boundary conditions of design and works contracts and various fire safety options at the beginning of a construction project, even a brief consultation might be of an unpredictable amount of help. Read more

Product industry experts

Our long-term experience in product development and research, as well as our knowledge of building materials and fire protection products, have helped numerous domestic companies to develop more fire-safe building materials and consumer products. Read more

Insurance companies

In the assignments of insurance companies, our job is to find out the course of events objectively and to record the facts in support of claims handling. We have been investigating large-scale and devastating fires since the early 2000s. We have investigated the causes and consequences of fires at numerous construction sites: industrial plants, warehouses, production facilities, sawmills, hotels and even detached houses. Read more