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Issues related to fire safety should be discussed at the very beginning of the project. The fire safety designer makes the project go smoothly, because often already the first meeting directs the fire engineering solutions to the right path. The appointment of a fire safety designer to the design team shifts some of the responsibilities from the architect to the special designer and frees up the architect’s time for creative design. 

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What are the benefits of a fire safety designer?

The special expertise of a fire safety engineer as an aid to decision-making

A fire-technical report in the draft and project planning phase helps to choose the most affordable fire-technical implementation option for the building. Right choices can affect, for example, the height of the building, the frame and facade materials and the possibilities to lighten the fire separation structures.

Advantages of performance-based fire safety design

A skilled fire safety designer creates innovative fire engineering solutions and is able to suggest the use of performance-based fire safety design in the right situations, when significant cost savings can be achieved in the project. Performance-based fire safety design can save millions of euros even in ordinary and simple construction projects designed primarily according to preset fire classes and numerical values.

The use of performance-based design enables flexible spaces that can be modified as needed and creative architectural solutions that are not necessarily allowed with fire safety planning based on dimensioning tables. These include, for example, atrium spaces, large lobbies, large business spaces and parking garages, large window surfaces on facades and the vegetation covering them, glass roofs and gardens in covered courtyards.

KK-Palokonsultti Oy’s areas of expertise

KK-Palokonsultti Oy is Finland’s leading expert office in performance-based fire safety design.

We know the special features of wood construction because we have been heavily involved in developing regulations and guidelines and implementing innovative wood construction sites.

We know how to take into account the carbon footprint of building.

We have participated in numerous architectural competitions. We have worked in competing groups that participated in the competition or supported the entire competition, as we did in the international design competition for the insurance company Varma’s wooden business premises designed for Helsinki’s Katajanokka area in the spring 2020. Six architectural firms from Finland, the Nordic countries and Japan participated in this invitation-only competition. The aim of the competition was a new flagship of wooden architecture, Katajanokan laituri, which will house Stora Enso ‘s headquarters and hotel in the future. The facilities are scheduled for completion in 2023.


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