For construction consultants

In the early stages of a construction project even a brief consultation on fire safety issues will help a lot when mapping out the boundary conditions of contracts and different options for fire safety. It is very important for a construction project that fire safety solutions are in competent hands and all regulations and instructions are interpreted correctly from the start. Therefore, it is worth contacting a fire safety designer in good time. 

Because construction consultants are interested in the costs and progress of a project, our common goal is flexible and on-time design work that produces a cheaper building without compromising on safety.

Our most important services for construction consultants include training, the interpretation of regulations, the mapping of boundary conditions and alternatives in the early stages of a project, and active search for cost savings.

Cost-effective solutions to fire engineering problems and consulting during construction are our core competencies. For example, in PCM (Project and Construction Management) and EPCM (Engineering Procurement Construction Management) -projects performance-based fire safety design will often make it possible to find cheaper alternatives and optimize structures. Competent fire safety designer is able to anticipate and take into account the potential fire safety and rescue work risks of new technology, like solar panels and electric car batteries.

Cost comparisons and analyzes

One of the most significant benefits of fire safety design and fire consulting is the expert’s insight knowledge of the cost implications of solutions and materials, and potential savings. Cost comparisons and analyzes of fire engineering solutions are an integral part of fire engineering design.

An experienced fire safety designer seeks alternative implementation models that provide freedom in space planning and additional tools for the usability of different solutions. One short appointment or quick inquiry may bring significant cost savings to the customer without compromising the level of fire safety.

Third party statements

If necessary, we prepare third-party statements on fire engineering plans for sites that deviate from the tables of fire safety regulation, individual plans or reports related to fire safety technology or fire calculations, and solutions that deviate from the CE marking or type approval.

Surveillance services

We also perform the supervision of the fire engineering implementations and the role of the fire engineering site supervisor. Good supervision during the construction work ensures that faulty implementations do not cause costly problems in the future, such as the demolition and rebuilding of structures that have proved to be faulty.