For construction contractors

A fire safety designer is an invaluable aid in resolving practical issues and problems that arise during construction work. Our most important services for construction contractors include fire safety design, the interpretation of regulations, supervision during construction, inspection services, third-party statements, and communication and consultation with authorities. 

Cost-effective solutions to fire engineering problems and consulting during construction are our core competencies. For example, in PCM (Project and Construction Management) and EPCM (Engineering Procurement Construction Management) -projects, it is often profitable to use performance-based fire safety design, which can be used to find cheaper alternatives and optimized structures.

You can also get fire block plans, fire sprinkler designs and fire alarm plans through us. If necessary, we prepare third-party statements on fire engineering plans for sites that deviate from the tables of fire safety regulation, individual plans or reports related to fire safety technology or fire calculations, and solutions that deviate from the CE marking or type approval.

Supervision during construction helps to avoid errors in the implementation of fire plans and ensure that things run smoothly within the schedule. This also avoids unnecessary additional costs.

With the help of expert inspections, the client and the main contractor of the construction project receive, among other things, information that fire blocks and fire protections have been installed in accordance with the plans and requirements. We have comprehensive product knowledge about fire stopping products combined with long-term experience in their implementation.

If necessary, we also draw up plans for the fire safety of the construction site, guidance of site fire safety, personnel safety, and rescue service operations. Plans are based on the identification and anticipation of safety risks at various stages of the site and include, among other things, the plans of temporary fire compartments and escape routes.

Safe procedures are compiled into clear employee orientating guidelines to prevent fires during construction work.