For the product industry

Our long-term experience in product development and research, as well as our knowledge of building materials and fire protection products, have helped numerous Finnish companies to develop more fire-safe building materials and consumer products. 

Most of our product development projects are initiated by a company that designs, manufactures or imports a product. For example, it is often desired to know how a product should be modified to meet the desired level of fire class. In these cases, we provide the manufacturer with theoretical guidance on fire safety or recommend more specific measures based on the fire research of the product.

Upon receiving the assignment, we can investigate whether the product or its prototype in its current form meets the requirements of applicable regulations and required fire class. The test can be carried out, for example, by simulating the behavior of the structure and materials of the product in a fire, and by examining whether the manufacturer’s requirements for the product are met.

The results of the study can be used to deduce the things to be prepared for when designing and developing the product for its intended use. After analyzing the product’s materials and fire behavior, we give our recommendations to improve the fire performance of the product. We share our own views on what impact the product or part of it has on fire safety, what is worth focusing on in product development in terms of deficiencies, and what we think can be ignored.

If necessary, we train the product manufacturer for classification testing and assist in the design of test arrangements for the fire classification of the product.

Our expertise and services for the product industry

  • Thorough knowledge of the fire properties of structures and building materials. We also control the impact of the environment on combustion and are able to take into account the end-use conditions of the product. Sometimes a non-combustible product may contribute to a fire. A good example of this is that a fire may spread through the rock via cavities.
  • Knowledge of fire classification requirements, as well as regulations and guidelines related to them.
  • Knowledge of testing methods and training for testing. We train for classification testing and assist in designing test arrangements for fire classification.
  • Highest level simulation expertise.
  • We prepare the necessary statements on the suitability of products for different applications.
    We also assist in the compliance of export and import products. If your product is on its way to a market area whose requirements differ from the Finnish ones, or you are importing products that have not yet been approved here, please contact us.


We have been involved in several concept development projects with large players such as the wood products industry and construction contractors. Stora Enso is one example of our customers in the wood products industry. We have participated in the development of compartmentalizing building components, upholstery materials, surface materials and protective claddings, and have evaluated roof structures and wooden structures. We have investigated, among other things, the behavior of combustible insulation, studied the fire protection of wood materials and wooden structures and simulated the fire behavior of elements containing a surface layer, load-bearing structures and insulation.

In addition to product development projects for building materials and building components, we have been extensively involved in the development of many other products, such as the classification and fire safety of playground products and tent fabrics. Unfortunately, most of the product development reports we do for the product industry are confidential, so we can’t give any further details about them.

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