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In Finland the special features of wooden construction are comprehensively taken into account in fire safety regulations 848/2017 and 927/2020 published by the Ministry of the Environment. An expert fire safety designer knows the details of the fire regulations for wood construction and the principles for their interpretation. A fire safety engineer familiar with the fire safety of wooden construction is also able to suggest the use of performance-based fire safety design in the right situations, where significant cost savings can be achieved in the project (observation picture: Katajanokan laituri, Anttinen Oiva Arkkitehdit Oy). 

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What are the benefits of a fire safety designer?

The special expertise of a fire safety engineer as an aid to decision-making

A skilled fire safety designer supports the architect in designing innovative structures and solutions with fire safety.

A fire-technical report in the draft and project planning phase helps to choose the most affordable fire-technical implementation option for the building. Right choices can affect, for example, the height of the building, the frame and facade materials and the possibilities to lighten the fire separation structures.

The fire safety designer prepares the fire technical plans required for the building permit and considers the fire safety of the building as a whole.

Advantages of performance-based fire safety design

Performance-based fire safety design can enable, among other things, the wider use of wooden facades, larger fire compartment sizes, lighter fire separation structures, higher height of the building and higher amount of concurrent people in the premises. It can also reduce the fire resistance requirement of wooden ceiling elements and allow replacing the firewall with a fire-technically lighter building parts. The goal of performance-based fire design is always to ensure the fire safety of the building. At the same time, significant cost savings can be achieved without compromising fire safety.

The fire safety designer prepares expert reports of solutions deviating from the solutions designed by dimensioning tables, when the deviation does not yet require performance-based fire safety design. The report may concern, for example, the use of thermal insulation, surfaces without protective coverings, wooden surfaces or the fire protection treatment of wooden parts at the construction site.

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