Esko Mikkola, KK-Palokonsultti Oy

Esko Mikkola

Chief Specialist

D.Sc., Applied Physics and Materials Physics, as well as the FISE designer of fire safety certification, exceptionally difficult grade. Fire safety research and development since 1985. Applications have included fire safety of products (buildings, ships, trains), development of test methods, analyzes of fire properties (flammability, heat generation, smoke generation, toxicity) and development of regulations and guidelines. Special expertise in fire risk assessment of entities (including wooden buildings, underground construction, and comparisons of materials and product alternatives).

  • International responsibilities: Member of the EU Commission’s Fire Experts Group (EGF) since 1995, participation in fire standardization work, coordination of research projects and membership of the Advisory Board of the Journal of Fire and Materials.
  • Domestic tasks: Participation in fire standardization of construction products (Chairman of the National Committee 2000-2011), membership of the Board of the Fire Research Council (1990-2005), coordination of fire research and projects. E1 regulations and guidelines as well as the development, application and interpretation of the new regulation for more than twenty years. Experience also in educational activities, thesis supervision (diploma theses and dissertations) and supervisory tasks.