Viikinmäen korttelitalo, Helsinki

The Viikinmäki korttelitalo was designed as a meeting place for children of different ages to encourage thinking and learning. There are 180 student places and the kindergarten has facilities for about a hundred children. The building also has facilities for children's afternoon activities as well as gathering and hobby activities for residents of the area. In the Viikinmäki korttelitalo we focused on the fire safety of the wooden facade on the side of the building, which cannot be reached by emergency department vehicles. 

Viikinmäki, located on a steep slope that descends to the banks of the Vantaanjoki River, is one of the most distinctive districts of Helsinki. The land descending south of the building is located in the western part of Viikinmäki. In terms of topology, the plot is a rocky slope typical of the area. The architecture of the Viikinmäki korttelitalo follows the construction instructions “Viikinmäki kukkulakaupunki” of the city of Helsinki in a style that is characteristic of a stone city rising from a rock. Rocks and height differences make the building and its surroundings very diverse.

The color palette of Finnish granite serves as the basic shades of Viikinmäki buildings. In the direction of the children’s yards, the exterior materials of the korttelitalo change into warm wood materials. The building is centrally located, and you will immediately notice it when you enter the Viikinmäki district. From the south, it forms a visible landmark all the way to Lahdentie.

We had to think about the fire safety of the wooden facade on the side of the building, which cannot be reached by emergency department vehicles. The extinguishing possibilities of the wooden facade were improved by bringing a pressurized fire water piping onto the facade, to which the fire department can attach its extinguishing hose. We paid special attention to fire breaks and joints of the wooden facades, as well as to the formation of fire compartments related to wood facades so that a fire does not spread from one compartment to another through the facade.

Construction of the building began in June 2013. The total cost estimate of the project was EUR 13 million and the scope was approximately 3,600 gross square meters. The work was commissioned by the Helsingin Kaupungin Rakennusvirasto. Our partner in the project was the architectural office AFKS / Architects Frondelius + Keppo + Salmenperä Oy . The Viikinmäki korttelitalo was completed in 2014, and its operations began in January 2015, when the kindergarten and primary school began operations.

Our services in the project

  • fire safety engineering
  • plans for smoke clearance
  • consulting during implementation
  • authority negotiations
  • consulting for other designers

Viikinmäki korttelitalo on the map

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